The Archipelago of Azores, situated in the North Atlantic Ocean between 37⁰- 40⁰ latitude North and 24⁰- 32⁰ longitude West is composed of nine volcanic islands and is the most isolated and extensive in the north-eastern Atlantic.

 Azores islands (


The Azores are really mountains that coming out of the Atlantic Ocean floor. Because of that, Azores are considered some of the tallest mountains on the planet, measured from their base, at the bottom of the ocean, to their peaks.


The vast extent of the islands defines an immense Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of 953,633 km2. This entire area includes more than 40 marine protected areas and is home of the ecosystems with more biodiversity of the world ranging from vegetable organisms, invisible to the naked eye, until the blue whales of 30 meters of length.


The weather varies a lot because we are always under the influence of the Azores anticyclone. The days can have all the 4 seasons of the year in just one day. Such as the climate is temperate with average temperatures ranging from 16 °C in winter and 24 °C in summer, while at sea, temperatures range between 14 °C and 23 °C, always under the influence of the Gulf Stream.


Even remote, these islands can be easily reached by direct and frequents flights from North America and Northern Europe.


Origin/Destination  Origin/Destination  Duration   Airline compagny
Boston Ponta Delgada 4h Sata
Montreal Ponta Delgada 5h Sata
Toronto Ponta Delgada 5h Sata
Gatwick Ponta Delgada 5h Sata
Paris Ponta Delgada 4h Sata
Copenhagen Ponta Delgada 5h 30min Primera
Oslo Ponta Delgada 5h 40min Jet Time
Stockholm Ponta Delgada 5h 50min Primera
Helsinki Ponta Delgada 6h 15min Primera or FinnAir




Island of São Miguel


“The Green Island”, as is known, is the largest and most populated island of the Azores. Your amazing landscape with beautiful mountains, great lakes, beaches, hills, green plains and blue sea, is a dazzle to any visitor.


Lake of Sete Cidades in São Miguel Island (Pauline Narvaez)


With this, there are several activities you can do like, fishing, diving or snorkeling, sailing, whale and dolphin watching, swimming with dolphins, wind sports, wave sports, bird watching, jeep safaris, walking and trekking, horse riding, bike riding and many other activities.


Just for interest, some awards of Azores by some entities…


In 2008:

  • One of the best destinations in the World by Lonely Planet.

In 2010:

  • 2 of 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal – Lake of Sete Cidades, on São Miguel island, and Volcanic landscape of Mountain of Pico, on Pico island.
  • Top Ten in the World for Whale Watching by The Sunday Telegraph.
  • Unique Travel Destination by U.S. Magazine Forbes.


In 2011:

  • Second Best Islands in the World for Sustainable Tourism and One of 10 Best Summer Destinations by National Geographic Traveler.
  • One of 5 more attractive volcanic areas in the World – Furnas in São Miguel Island.


In 2012:

  • One of best destinations for 2012 by Budget Travel.
  • 3rd consecutive time  as Quality Coast Destination nº1.
  • One of 50 trips to do in Europe in 2012 by National Geographic Traveler.