New video: Tuna season 2014

There we go, this time for the video of our Tuna season in 2014! As in 2013 was an amazing season with tons of Bigeyes, some Yellowfins, Albacores and

Open dates for 2015 tuna season

We are already preparing the boat and material for the next tuna season. Like in 2013, 2014 was really amazing for tuna. In the end of 2013 we consid

Resume Marlin season

The Marlin season has started very well. August was much better than last year and we got big Blue Marlins, lot of White Marlins and cow Bigeye and Ye

Marlin season is ON!

We just start our Marlin season few days ago and we already got nice fishes! The biggest fish was this 800 pounds plus Blue Marlin and we got also a c

Fishing situation

Hi everyone! Fishing has been slow this last month of July but not for lack of fish. In July we always have less anglers to go out because it is the t

Resume of June

June was a surprise and better than we was expecting. Although June usually coincide with the end of the tuna season, we had an incredible 81 % of our

Resume of May

The month of May was fantastic. We had 77 % of our charter days with fish with an average of 1.5 fish / day. Mostly was Bigeye tunas with weights rang

First day out!

Tuna party has already started and today (03-05-14) was the first day out. With friends we just need to go behind the harbor to catch 5 fresh Bigeyes
underwater Bluefin tuna

Tuna have already arrived!

We've been 'bombed' every day with information and reports that tuna are in nice quantities on the south of the island of São Miguel. The commercial
PNarvaez (2)

Some available dates in May

"Another Cow Bigeye tuna coming inside!" That was the conversation every day last season! But it seems that the next season also promises to be good!
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