Another great year!!!

Every season is different and this one is no exception! We have experienced some crazy fishing with some giant blue marlins around and maybe the best tuna fishing we have ever seen in years.

While further west the marlins were staying around the banks for longer, here around São Miguel Island it was a kind of come-and-go. Once we could find them, we had some crazy days with multiple bites a day as they were moving in groups!

Yet for tuna, it is hard to explain in words the moments we had on board. Countless shows of marine life with gigantic mackerel bait balls on the surface and seabirds, dolphins, bluefins, bigeyes, yellowfins, and albacores all together eating at the same time. We could catch fish no matter the way we wanted…trolling, spinning, jigging, live bait, you name it…

And yeah, THIS IS THE AZORES, marlins, tunas, dolphins, mackerel, and birds in the same square mile! Below find some pictures of some of the crazy moments of 2022.

The big game fishing lasted up to November and only stopped because of the weather and the lack of people for fishing.

At the moment the boat is on dry dock for the usual winter maintenance with the engines receiving some additional love this winter.

Things for next season look good as the end of autumn and the beginning of winter has been pretty stormy from the west quadrant. This is always a good prediction, especially because those big storms mixed up the water improving nutrient and bait production and as a consequence, the top predator’s presence in spring and summer. Fingers crossed!

For next year we still have some prime dates available: the first, the second, and the last week of August and the second week of October. In September we are fully booked. Hope to see you all again next season. Let’s go! +351 296 636 592 +351 917 405 792


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