The history of “Alabote”

The “Alabote” is a 32′ Bayliner Explorer 3270 built in the USA, in 1981. Alabote’s first owner was Charles St. Jean who first named the boat ‘Chapter II’ and kept it at Marine Bay, Rhode Island. Later in 1990, Antonio Manuel Gomes de Menezes, an Azorean engineer, bought the boat and re-named it ‘Alabote’. The word ‘alabote’ derives from the call, “all aboard”, that was commonly heard during the time when many Azorean people were emigrating to America on whaling ships.

Engineer Menezes made some improvements to the boat and brought it to São Miguel, one of the nine islands of the Azores. However, in September 7th of 1995, a circuit breaker caused a fire that burned almost everything except the hull and motors. It was at this time that another Azorean and current owner, José Furtado bought the boat from the insurance company. During a period of 3 years, José was to dedicate all his weekends and holidays to the reconstruction of the boat and in June 1998, the ‘Alabote’ was launched back into the Atlantic Ocean again to be used as a sport fishing charter boat.



Nowadays, ALABOTE is repowered by twin 260 hp Yanmar´s which provides 25 knots at top speed. The hull also provides excellent maneuverability, and have a very spacious deck (11 sq. m), chair by Game Fisher, riggers by Lee, removable live bait tank (200 liters) and a refrigerated hold for top quality fish powered by a generator Honda 2000 Watts. Forward cabin with double berth and toilet, a fridge, microwave, hi-fi radio and CD player are also all present for client comfort and satisfaction. Electronic fit out is extensive and includes 2 radios with DSC and Garmin electronics with radar and GPS/chart plotters for pinpoint accuracy on fishing grounds. Twin sounders with dual frequency and sea temperature sensors provide state of the art fish-finding capability. The boat is fitted with full safety equipment, fully insured and licensed in accordance with the Portuguese and European Community maritime laws. Charters Licence nº 3/2003.



Our standard big-game fishing tackle is 7 x 80 lb class with Shimano Tiagra reels on Penn International curved butt rods or Alutecnos stand-up curved butt rods and Sufix Hi-vis (IGFA Class Tournament line) topshots with braided line as backing. Australian style bucket and stand-up harnesses by Aftco. Gaffs are back-banded by Aftco. Light tackle is with 7 x 20 lb, 3 x 30 lband 4 x 50 lb reels and rods by Shimano, Penn and Tica. Heavy spinning and jigging gear are with Shimano Stella 20000 and Van Staal VM275 reels paired with Shimano Ocea and Seeker Hercules rods. Lures for marlin are supplied by Bonze, Moldcraft, Joe Yee, Black Bart, Marlin Magic, Legend and Fonteira while for tuna are from Rapala, Halco and customized Melton jet heads. +351 296 636 592 +351 917 405 792


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