Azores – 1st place in the world for giant blue marlin

The AZORES again in the Top 10 of the 2020 Billfisheries of the Year, additionally being considered as the 1st place in the World for 500+ pounds Blue

Unforgettable 2020

2020 is definitely a different year for everyone but let's not talk about sad things. Fortunately enough here in the Azores, everything has been cont

Marlins are already here!

Marlins are already around! We have seen marlins (blues and whites) on the surface of the water already and the first blue marlins of the season were

Azores – safest destinations to travel in 2020

After being awarded as one of the safest destinations to travel in 2020, FANTASTIC news for the Azores. At the moment, there are no active cases of Co

Insane fishing!

Fishing has been INSANE in the Azores, despite the restrictions related to the virus. In the last two months, we have witnessed the BEST BLUEFIN TUNA

Alabote on the international press

The last international big game fishing tournament 2019 was a success and the fishing journalist Paul Sharman and the fishing magazine Saltwater boat

Bigeye tuna tagging!

Here it is the largest migration of the bigeye tunas we tagged last year and a small story of that day. "It was the third day fishing with our good f

AZORES – billfisheries of the year 2019

GREAT NEWS! The Billfishreport just announced that the AZORES is on the top 10 list of the best places in the world for marlin fishing in 2019! As th

Happy holidays & NEW VIDEO

The first of two HD videos coming out about the EPIC 2019. This one featuring the amazing blue marlin season we had! Fortunately, the previous predic

Bookings open for 2020!

The fishing season in the Azores is practically over, but not because of the lack of fish. After one of the best blue marlin seasons ever from August

Fishing has been perfect!

The fishing season has started the best way possible. There are blue marlins, white marlins, spearfishes and also Albacores, bigeye tunas and large D


Today we went out on a half day and after 20 min with the lures out we hooked a 700 pounds plus blue marlin. After 1h30min of backing down like crazy
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