Last dates available for Marlin

In two weeks we will start our marlin season and the level of excitment is already rising up. There is reports of commercial tuna boats already spotti

New video – Tuna season 2015

We just want to keep your fluids flowing with our new video of the last Tuna season in 2015. The video is available on youtube at: https://yout

Bookings are open for 2016!

Well, our 2015 fishing season it's over. Although it was a tough season, we had some great and unforgetable moments aboard! Now we will take the boat

Marlins are already here!

Now that the tuna season is over, we already have all tackle waiting for marlins. The water temperature is constantly rising (already at the magical 2

Tuna season is ON!

The tuna show has already begun this season for us! Last Sunday (19-04-2015) on a sunny day with friends we got a 500 pounds (220 kg) bluefin tuna jus

Tunas are already here!

GREAT NEWS! We have the information that yesterday (27-02-2015), a shoal of bigeye tuna was bursting on the surface just 4 miles offshore off Ponta De

Last days available for Tuna

We will start the tuna season earlier this year and we still have some days available in early May and early June, prime time for tuna fishing. &nb

New video: Marlin season 2014

There we go again with a new video. This time with some of the best images of the Marlin season (August to September). Was a nice season with gian

Gallery updated

We just did a new update of our pictures in our gallery. We used the best pictures we took last year of the tuna and marlin season including some pict

New video: Tuna season 2014

There we go, this time for the video of our Tuna season in 2014! As in 2013 was an amazing season with tons of Bigeyes, some Yellowfins, Albacores and

Open dates for 2015 tuna season

We are already preparing the boat and material for the next tuna season. Like in 2013, 2014 was really amazing for tuna. In the end of 2013 we consid

Resume Marlin season

The Marlin season has started very well. August was much better than last year and we got big Blue Marlins, lot of White Marlins and cow Bigeye and Ye
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