Gallery updated

Our gallery was just updated with some of the best pictures of the last season and a new video of Miguel having fun catching a 500 pounds blue marlin on the Stella 20000. Some of the pictures and clips used on the video are from our anglers and friends and we can not thank you enough for that.

Please check it out at: and

We still have some prime dates for next year so don’t let the opportunity escape and send us a message to check availability and the best prices conditions.

Hooked just with a tip of the hook. That's how important it is to have the hooks sharp and the line tight!

That’s one of the pictures now in our gallery. Just take a close look to see how the fish is hooked – that’s how important to have the hooks sharp and the line always tight!

See you guys out there. +351 296 636 592 +351 917 405 792

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