Insane fishing!

Fishing has been INSANE in the Azores, despite the restrictions related to the virus. In the last two months, we have witnessed the BEST BLUEFIN TUNA fishing ever. Literally, we have seen shows of bluefin tuna feeding on the surface all over the place on the south coast of São Miguel island with fish ranging from 400 to 1000 pounds. Unbelievable!

Fortunately enough, we were fishing under a research permit that allowed us to catch and satellite tag bluefin tuna in the Azores for the first time ever. With this, our mate Miguel aims to complete his work of unraveling the migration routes of the bluefin and bigeye tuna from the Azores and we could not be happier to contribute again to the conservation of such magnificent animals.

Right now it looks the bluefin tuna went on its way to the spawning grounds in the Mediterranean, but there are now bigeye tunas around! As we were expecting, we are having an amazing start of the season!

The virus is controlled here and it looks the flights will open soon but we will keep you guys updated. Until there stay safe and with this picture of a satellite-tagged 500 pounds bluefin tuna about to be released! +351 296 636 592 +351 917 405 792


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