Marlins of Azores in Magazine Voyage de Peche.

Article from “Magazine Voyage de peche” about the international championship, Big Game Azores 2012, at the beginning of October in Azores, São Miguel island.

voyage de peche


We were with the French team in the second day of the event and this day we had only 1/2 Blue Marlin with 400lbs who unfortunately died. He died with the line wrapped around the tail. Unfortunately, sometimes this happens when they jump and fall over the line wrapping himself and leading to his death. We try to pull the fish as fast as possible but it was not enough…he died from lack of oxygen because the marlin, as tuna, are mandatory swimmers to breathe because they have little mobility in operculum and need to swim to pass water through the gills.


Thanks Clement Golaz, Antoine Drochon and Laurent Laffere and and obviously to “Magazine Voyage de peche” for showing the Azores to the World.


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