Resume Marlin season

The Marlin season has started very well. August was much better than last year and we got big Blue Marlins, lot of White Marlins and cow Bigeye and Yellowfin tunas. The best day in August is difficult to decide but using the biggest fish criteria, was for a Swedish team with 1 of 1 Blue Marlin with 900 pounds, 0 of 1 White Marlins and 2 of 2 Bigeye tunas, 154 and 110 pounds. The second was again for the same team with 1 of 3 Blue Marlins with 450 pounds including one double header of Blues, 3 of 7 White Marlins including two double headers of Whites and 1 of 1 Bigeye tuna with 160 pounds.


September, the best month for Marlin, was controversial. The first to weeks were great with big Blues, Whites and again big tunas but two big storms from north in the second half of the month finished the season earlier than normal. In two weeks, the water temperature dropped 3 degrees celsius…no luck. Fortunately this is not normal and does not mean that for the next year will be the same. The best day of September was for Mr. Tommi and Mr. Jeri from Finland with 1 of 1 Blue Marlin with 800 pounds jumping within the tuna commercial fleet, 1 of 1 beautiful Spearfish and to finish the day 1 of 1 cow Bigeye with 225 pounds.



800 pounder Blue Marlin for Mr. Tommi


Anyway, the drop of the temperature in September has bring even more action for tuna for the end of September/October and the tuna festival began with cow Bigeyes, cow Yellowfins and giants Bluefins. Like last year these 3 tuna species were year throughout all the year and we are still catching them 2 miles off the harbour. Amazing! +351 296 636 592 +351 917 405 792


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