Skipper / Owner: José Furtado

In the middle, Jose Furtado is 61 years old and been an ‘Ocean Skipper’ since 1993. José has been a fisherman all his life and started fishing from the rocks when he was just 3 years old. At the age of 12, he bought his first boat, a Kayak of 3.60 m that allowed him to fish out at sea. At the age of 16 and together with 2 friends, he built a wooden boat of 3.50 m. At the age of 24, he bought and rebuilt an 8.0 m ex-ship lifeboat into which he installed a 22 HP Diesel engine. Two years later, he bought a new boat, a 5.30 m ‘Fisher’ model with a 50 HP engine (the boat in which he caught his first Blue Marlin!). Finally, when he was 35, he acquired the ALABOTE which has become a well reputed and professionally run sport fishing charter boat.


Skipper / Deckmate: Miguel Furtado

On the right side, Miguel Furtado is 31 years old (José Furtado’s son) marine biologist and local skipper who has fished with his father since childhood. He caught his first blue marlin with 8 years of age and has been working as a skipper and deck mate with Alabote Sport Fishing Charter’s since 2010.


Skipper / Deckmate: Nuno Santos

On the left side, Nuno Santos is 35 years old, is also a local skipper who started fishing from boats at 12. He began ‘Big Game Fishing’ with his father, José Santos, when he was 16 years old. He caught his first blue marlin at 18 and has worked as a skipper and deck mate with Alabote Sport Fishing Charter’s since 2008. +351 296 636 592 +351 917 405 792

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